Thursday, May 16, 2013

Product Review Lwówek - Wrocławskie Pils

Lwówek - Wrocławskie Pils

  *Product Review*

Brewery: Browar Lwówek
Alcohol: 4.2%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: 2.30PLN

Golden and clear, almost with a greenish tinge to it. Fine delicate bubbles, but very poor head retention.

Aroma: Honey and sunshine, according to my wife, I get an almost metallic sharpness coming from the hops, and grassy undertones.
In the mouth: A little alcohol at the start but the rest is sharp and punchy, bitey even, with citrus flavours to it. Quite dry but not in a negative way and a distinctly hoppy sweet.

Drink with: This is real BBQ beer, the citrus would cut through the fat of a good sausage or chop.

Never really have I been a huge fan of Pils, but this one is nice, then again I haven't drunk much beer.... oh hang on, that is all I did in Ireland but mostly ales and stouts so this could just be the awakening of my mouth to summer.



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