Sunday, May 19, 2013


I have been playing with some Panorama programs, and found a nice one. Actually made by Microsoft! Who ever would have thought. Anyway, here are some panoramas that I have taken (I obviously need to practice more taking them). I have shown an edited and cropped version first, the rest aren't as I was scared to lose details.

Rome the Casa Generalizia Del Terzo Ordine Regolare Di S. Francesco and surrounds

Dublin Bay

Kilkenny on an overcast morning

The Coloseum


Tom Otomcio said...

Nice. Was the MS software free? Web-based or download?

They've turned out well :)

Gee Em said...

Thanks Tom, it is all free... as far as I can see. It is called Microsoft ICE. Here's a link:

Joy said...

Great photos! And thanks for sharing the software idea - maybe it's easier than trying to stitch together in Photoshop.

Gee Em said...

No problem Joy, are you in Poland now?

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