Saturday, November 30, 2013


It is great in our area in some ways. We have a number of hills in the surrounding area which are created from the groundworks that helped build the neighbourhood and metro line. They provide a great place to sit and watch the planes come and go, and to enjoy a nice sunset or sunrise if one can get up that early. It of course also creates a great little natural wild park, and on this site a bike track for the BMXers of the area. Also, in the area you can easily find wild plums, hops, and horseradish.

Wild horseradish leaves

The wild hops

Wild hops soon to be in a beer


Marty said...

I love the colours of the meadow... Looks like the wild moor!

Gee Em said...

It does, doesn't it. Better than a wild boar I guess :D

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