Friday, November 01, 2013

Tramore, County Waterford, Southern Ireland

Down to Tramore in County Waterford. Home of Metal Man, the Seahorse tragedy, and a long strand.

Also Hartley's fish shop (we didn't eat there though)

Now this is living. A pint of Beamish and the newspaper on a windy afternoon.

Everyone's doing it!

Some homemade chips

The metal man

Trip Westwards along the coast, the harbour at Dunmain, there were even kids swimming!

Sometimes it is impossible to resist the lure of lush Irish pastures, especially by the seaside

Tankardstown, Co. Waterford Copper mine/works

Around the coast to Dungarvan and it's pretty port

Over to Dunmore

For the biggest crab sandwich ever!

Your knockers have bugs

Gotta move the cortina to get to the escort.

The Esquire pub. Classic Irish oddity.


Tom Otomcio said...

That looks like a great part of the world.

Pubs and coast: Two perfect things.

Gee Em said...

Yeah Tom,it was great, and running along the coast for a few kms was good too. :)

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