Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Museum of the history of Polish Jews, Wola.

Well, what a beautiful building. The Museum of the History of Polish Jews, is the city's newest musuem, and the building was worth the wait. It is really darned impressive. Full of soft and hard, smooth and sharp it balances really well. But that is where it ends. We went there hoping to see something magical, and thought provoking. Yet, after we paid we found they had no exhibitions ready only a small temporary video installation series. Which was annoying set in a triptych with each section a few seconds off which made it unbearable to look at. They did give us a tour to tell us what would be there in a year and a halfs time.... but honestly.... that is pathetic. They managed to open both the gift shop and the cafe though..... Here is a simple solution if you want the money so desperately sell tickets to people after telling them that there is nothing to actually see, and with that ticket offer them the chance to return when the exhibitions are installed. Most people won't keep this ticket, it will make tourists feel that you aren't compeltely ripping them off, and will breed good will to all. Easy, no? Oh well, at least enjoy the beauty that is the design by the Finnish studio Lahdelma & Mahlamäk, it really is stunning.

The annoying triptych

Looking to the monument to the Ghetto Heroes.

The open cafe.


Marty said...

If you could design a section of their exhibit, what would it be?

Gee Em said...

I think it would be something about the food and cooking of the Jews of Poland. They could maybe have classes too. That would be pretty cool.

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