Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Greve, Tuscany, Italy

If you go to Tuscany and don't take the winding roads to get to Greve In Chianti, don't tell me you have lived. It is a pretty little town with a nice central square, nothing overly stunning or impressive to look at, but the surroundings are very pretty. It is what is in a few of the buildings that is important. One in the main square, where you can buy all the wild boar related products ones heart could desire, the other is the wine cellar of Chianti where you can buy a small "credit card" and sample over 100 wines it is called Le Cantine. It is just heaven.

Someone is happy to be there.
The collanades
Sampling the world of Chianti
You can also order some nice little plates of smallgoods
yummy yum yum

In town there is plenty of piggy related things.
and a shed load of tourists getting their fill
Go to Greve, you won't regret it

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