Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trip to Wedel, like a greedy school kid.

Every year in December Wedel, the most famous Polish chocolate company, has an open day. You have to book in quick as tickets vanish in seconds on the internet.We got in the second it opened online and had to get the third time we wanted! It is that popular. But I do recommend it.

because you get samples

of all sorts

even new things. like this watermelon flavoured chocolate.

Not everyone likes chocolate on the weekends.

Chocolate on the move

boxed up for the masses

And wrapped for transport.

These guys
make cool things

bears too

Frogs and elephants

Even the board room table has the company symbol built into it.

And the light fixtures

It is always chocolate time on this clock.

The arrow points to where all the chocolate went.... in me.

There is also chocolate art


Everything in this display is chocolate.... except the woman.

Even though it was Decemeber we could still walk outside.
And headed into Nowy Swiat where the Christmas decorations were going up.

with a small army

Everyone seems to be happy.

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