Thursday, April 17, 2014

Slow Food Festival 2013

For the last two years we have been able to go to a really lovely event. The Slow Food Festival. Last year (2012) had a concept of flavours of Suwałki, you can see that here. This year was what I would call a "less intense" experience. It was one plate serving as well as table additions. I prefered the previous years format, but that is not to say that the 2013 was not as good, it was purely a different style.

Jam and conserve

the "what is on your plate" guide cards.

Last event was in Żoliborz and this year was in the Arkady below the Royal Palace.

Everyone was getting peckish

Then came the plates
The apron tells you.

here is the plate, among othere things, there is a green footed chicken egg, cheese and a cauliflower salad.

Some pate, chutney and hard cheese

A pot was on each table.
with beans and sage.

The claw was there.

and a sweet blueberry bun for dessert.

Interviews a plenty.

speeches and drinks

The chef whose restaurant was responsbile for the dishes

The Slow Food Breakfast is part of the Slow Food Film Festival week, where we have seen documentaries on chocolate, milk, Prince Charles and his farm among others. It is well worth the effort if you are in town.

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