Friday, April 04, 2014

Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

When we were in Tuscany we went to Siena as well, rather than the heaving masses of Florence. We were there the day before the Palio the traditional horse race in the centre square. We rose early, so as to beat the crowds and were lucky enough to see them setting up for the festival. The town was abuzz with activity and was really exciting to be there.

An early misty morning

and a decent cup to start

in Siena each area has its own colours and symbols

bread for the party

chairs to be set up for one of the street feasts

this districts symbol was the snail, I do hope their horse runs faster than that

but he did pop up everywhere

then on corners where two areas meet you get a clash of flags


Every dog has his day

the central square is normally cobbled and only full of tourists staring at the tower

the square being prepared.

a poke inside the town hall before I was ushered away

all of the districts flags are on the wall

yeah baby

Neighbourhood preparations


people are wearing their district colours.

streets are awash with colour.
And a passionfruit flower to finish.

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