Monday, May 14, 2018

Adelaide, Australia - City centre.

Hitting the Adelaide parks and bits. So, what to do with three Poles in Adelaide when it is about 33C? Take them around the city centre and the parks of course. Adelaide is nice because it is all flat and easy to get around. It also has the added advantage of a ring of parks around the city to make it green and cool.

The Adelaide Conservatory is a nice place to spend a little time on a hot day as it feels tropical and refreshing.

There is a great variety of growing plants.

And they make pretty views

Just a little walk away you will find the Amazon Water Lilly Pavilion.

Which has these cool door handles to enter with.
Lots of shade is needed with some strong South Australian sun.

The Palm House is from 1875 and imported from Germany, I really love the Victorian architecture.

You'll also find plenty of succulents inside.
Prickly things too.

And more succulents outside.

With all the heat there are some decent options to refresh as well.

The entrance to the old East End markets still has the rules of inspection.

I am not a big one for candles scented or otherwise, but it is my favourite beach and two of my favourite smells so this could be an option if I had to have one. Found at Urban Cow.

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