Thursday, May 24, 2018

Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Let's take the time to wrap up the trip to Australia and specifically Adelaide. We now have just the Adelaide Hills and environs to finish. It isn't anything too hard core, and there aren't a great deal of photos of magical stories at all.
The cleanest window I could find in Handorf was in a gallery of art and craft.

What a lovely place to eat, alas we didn't have the time to do that on a busy day of cruising the hills. So, we just enjoyed the view of Bird In Hand's barrel room.
Then we got a tastin'. Bird in Hand have been one of my favourites for some time. I first visited them back in about 2002 or so when they were still quite new. Now they are a goliath.
A pressed ceiling in the hills somewhere.... I just can't remember where!
One of the local birds.
We got some pretty cool clouds one night.

The skin that tells a story. Eucalyptus trees have some really amazing bark that can protect them during fires. They also help make fires hotter, sounds crazy right? But the hotter a fire is the quicker it burns out and actually saves the trees, as a longer fire would kill both the tree and the seeds. Smart trees!
A bit of flora!
Ok, I'm not going to lie. This isn't the hills. It is actually "The Cube" which is the new part of the McLaren Vale winery D'Arenberg something totally different. It is a winery that does strange and interesting wines. Like Mencia, Sagrantino Cinsault and others. But the cube, feels a little like me when back in Adelaide. A little out of place but still able to nestle in hopefully not making too much of a stir.

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