Friday, May 11, 2018

Tasmania, Australia - On the Road.

The last glimpses of Tasmania will come from the road. It is a bit of a compilation of stop offs while cruising about the coolest of islands, yes I do mean that in two ways.  This is about some wineries, some beaches and some happiness, ok, a lot of happiness.

Just round the corner from the gorgeous Wineglass Bay is this little place, Freycinet Vineyard. It is a little over touristified but still a nice place and some pleasant wines, but when the website has a quote from 2008, you know it needs some help.
Where to next? The Devil's Corner, a wine I just recently saw in the UK, too! The Sparkling was lovely and fresh, but the Resolution Pinot was outstanding.

They also have some great snacks available.
I went with the coffee instead, with this view I didn't want to be distracted.
The quaint Spring Vale Winery, their had a nice Pinot, but their Gewürztraminer was a touch sweet for me.
Spiky Beach and its little conservation park. Very cute. 
Spiky Bridge, not sure how this convict built bridge got its name.....

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