Thursday, May 17, 2018

Adelaide Gallery, South Australia.

Every time I am in Adelaide I try to make at least one trip to the Art Gallery. It is in an iconic building on North Terrace and a really nice place to escape the heat or cold depending on the weather. I don't know if photographing art is a good thing or not, but it helps me remember all the beautiful things that I took my time to stand and admire up close. You can see my last visit here with some different collection items to what is below.

I heart these sideburns!
It is also a great place for people to get an understanding on what the environment looked like for the early European immigrants. How they saw things that were very unfamiliar to them. Isaac Whitehead's Sassafras Valley.
This included the indigenous peoples, by Frazer Crawford.
The War Dance.
But there is something about eucalyptus trees that I will never tire of. By H.J Johnson
Love an old bloke with a beard. This one is Sir Henry Parkes by Tom Roberts.
Now it is all about the sculptures.
snakes love.

Bertram MacKennal's Circe

So, there you go the Art Gallery has visited you now.

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