Thursday, June 16, 2011

The advantages of getting old

Whilst many people fear getting old, for me, it isn't an issue. I have no real reason to worry, I have a wife who is younger than me and strong enough to carry me or push me in a wheel chair. Also, I feel the older I get, the more I am learning and the more I can fit into my life and brain. I am reading more books now than when I was at school and HAD to read them. I see more movies than ever before in my life. I am taking more photos now and feel more creative. I have the chance to bake, brew, bottle, and butcher most anything. I am experiencing another new culture in my life, possibly my most foreign. Many of my friends and peers are now having children or more children. I have no idea how they have the time, energy or willingness.
So, enough preaching, now to my birthday. Marty took me to lunch as my birthday this year was conveniently located on a Friday, perfect for a lazy day and slightly longer weekend. I just did my classes in the morning so that I could start the weekend with Lunch. My lovely wife and I have a few favourite restaurants, however as we love cooking so often ourselves, we rarely visit them. A couple of them are Zielnik and Villa Nouva I can thoroughly recommend these if you are looking for a great quality meal with really high quality service. So, we thought we would go to something new for my "special" day. My students, specifically Sarge and Ola, had recommended Stary Dom (The Old House) for its beef tatar or is it Tartare or tartar (there are multiple spellings of this). As I mentioned in my post about the Tatar Village, I had never had this rare meal. Notice the pun. So to the Domek it is!
Awaiting the food and included pomp and ceremony.
Nothing a little sour cream and chives can't help
Marty's stuffed capsicums
The amazing chopping man

Hands are just a blur
Add some pickles, some onion, a little marinated mushroom, some egg, salt, pepper maybe some paprika yum.

Check out the video above, Marty without knowing it, gives a great story.
The finished product, 25PLN 8.55AUD 5.60GBP 9.10USD

Wack it on some fresh bread and....

Bob's your Uncle. As the saying goes. It tastes pretty darned good.

So while we wait we take in the surroundings.
The tatar was really good, having the man prepare it in front of you was a great treat as well as the fact that you know it is fresh and not some old mince that had been laying around days.
The salmon with new season asparagus

Pork schnitzel with bigos (23PLN 7.85AUD 8.40US 5.30GBP)

It certainly is well organised.
A quick review would read like this, the food was pleasant, Tartare was really good, although of course I have no comparison to this meal. The schnitzel and salmon were fine, not outstanding, service was prompt and attentive. So it all appears swimmingly. Until we got the bill, being my birthday I just paid it and never read it as we had had a lovely day. Note to self, always check the bill, when I got home I realised they had charged us for a couple of things we didn't have, and it wasn't like the restaurant was busy, and the prices were already upper-mid for Poland especially for the Salmon which was fish of the day. Oh well still was fun.
Tea for two.
I stopped off to buy Marty some tea as a birthday present because it isn't your birthday thing like some parents do for the child whose birthday it isn't. Thanks Marty for the great day, may many more continue.

The way it will all end up.



Paddy said...

Thanks for a really nice post - the tartar looks "to die for" and I loved your final shot/the intimacy of it.


Gee Em said...

Thanks Paddy, it was one of those times you feel almost part of something because they were so ambivalent to me. Also my students have named this as THE best in Poland I think it was pretty darned tasty

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