Sunday, June 19, 2011

Earth Day in Pole Mokotowskie

So the buglers can announce, Earth day. Yes it was a few weeks back, but anyway, we popped off to Pole Mokotowskie a very central park with lots of space and a kind of sad pond/lake in the middle. It was once an airfield but now just a big green space between Mokotow and the "city".
Forest band buglers.
There were plenty of people there, it was really well supported and the Forest group put on plenty of displays from bands playing to wood cutting displays.
Wood sawing display
Supermodels were present

Sometimes when you don't speak Polish in Poland it feels like this guy must
 There was also a really beautiful display of once injured predator birds that had been cared for and brought back to health and are now used for educational purposes. I have always thought birds of prey were fascinating and these were no exception.
Display of predator birds, here the barn owl.

Up close and personal, glad I am not a mouse.

Goat gingerbreads, cute.
 There were also food stalls about, which of course always attract me. I loved the goat shaped gingerbreads, had a rather disappointing pasty styled pierogi and some non-alcoholic beer as well, equally disappointing, but then again what do you expect from non-alcoholic beer.....
Feeling almost Australia with sausages (aka snags in Australia)

Plenty of people about
 The crowds just kept growing from when we arrived early on around 11AM and when we left it was heaving.
Traditional sweets, in Australia we call the chocolate crackles

Women in Uniform, was a song, here it is a forest band reality

Sometimes the uniforms can be about colours

 It was a warm day, and the Jones clan were wanting to head home and we opted to take the lift on offer, so it was with trepidation that we hit the road homeward bound.
And then home for fresh lemonade with mint.
Overall, it was a lovely day with great weather and really interesting displays and I was really proud that it was so well supported, maybe there is a possibility of Polish people and in specifics Warsawians to be more environmentally friendly.

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