Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Around town with ze german.

Throughout my, longer than many expected, life I have had the chance to meet many people. I am not Mr. Social in the sense that I don't live and die for parties, nightclubs, bars etc. But, when I do get the chance to talk to people, I generally do. In the old days that was also facilitated by letters. In 1994, I sent a postcard to the best friend of my German "girlfriend" to say "hi". That started a rather intense period of letters, presents and photos between her and myself. We shared many great stories from travel and daily university life. I have been lucky enough to see her a number of times in Germany and then where she lives now in Switzerland. She has been a wonderful inspiration to me, and always full of positive words and motivating stories. Luckily she tends not to read my blog so I can say anything I like here! Anyway, it has been 13 years since I last saw her family including her younger sisters. Which brings me now, to another place in time, when one of her younger sisters is in Poland on Erasmus! How lucky, I get the chance to try and show "my" Warsaw to her in the space of about 36 hours as she journeys through Poland on a quick wrap up after her semester here. So without much more talking there will just be some photos of our journey around Wawa, alas, after 3 or 4 weeks of great weather, it was stormy for the days she was here! Dag nammit!


Tina said...

.... and you've been thinking I didn't read your blog.... :)
Anyway: thanks a lot to you and Marta for hosting Verena in Warsaw and showing her around!
Your letter is in the making, by the way!

Gee Em said...

I know you do when Verena tells you to. ;) I can't wait for the letter, it will be great to hear more from you!

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