Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ze German II

More photos, less gammering on from me. So after goofing around, we headed to one of my favourite places in Warsaw, the University library.
The Library itself, frontage.
Second hand book sale

Founding fathers
up close and personal
Conscientious little working bees and a grumpy man portrait
The tunnel of love, unfortunately for Verena, she was with me.

Although she looks happy to survive

if she doesn't get blown away first

The national stadium from afar

What is in this window?

Oh it is a family of nerdlings.
Working up a storm

The whole.

Plants and their reflections
Copernicus centre of science in the front stadium down back

And to the right we have the Palace on an otherwise gloomy day

The library when you get off the roof
A filtration pond for the run off water

Pond looking back to the library

Lilly Allen, I mean Water Lily
So that was the trip to the uni library on the fabulously named ulica Dobra (Good Street).

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