Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ghetto Hala

The old ghetto from WWII when Warsaw was famously, or possibly more accurately infamously, divided into areas of Jewish population and others. There were actually two ghettos, the big and the small. The small was for the richer Jews and had a smaller population and so the conditions were somewhat better than that of the larger ghetto which was more crowded. Overall the ghetto covered which really is quite a large area. You notice it now when you walk in the area how large it actually was. In this area it was estimated to hold about 400,000 people. The area still hasn't been totally rebuilt as there are still land claims in some areas. 

Within the boundaries of the ghetto now stands many of my favourite places in Warsaw, one of which is Hala Mirowska and the newly refurbished Ulica Chłodna. Where we will end up today.
Alone and plain

The Granny is coming

Granny in white shoes





Shadow trees
working it in colour

Find the Homeless or possibly just hungover man.
Hala at me

Now non-Polish people tell me what this sign says?!

A dash o' yellow

Hala Hala


Badged, you can't escape Sawa
Next we will cross the road and head to Ulica Chłodna.

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