Monday, March 05, 2012

trees and weeds and Tykocin

When the weather was lovely out East, we hit the road to see some of the surrounding Podlasie countryside. There are plenty of lovely little places if only you go out and look. We saw the River Biebrza recently and there has been plenty of Sokolka photo plantations on here too. Now we head to Tykocin, an old small town that once had a high percentage of Jewish inhabitants which depleted during WWII. Now it is full of pretty buildings and cobbled streets.
Tree on sky

Fluff in sun
Tykocin restaurant

Podpiwek is naturally fermented beer. Not unlike kwas chlebowy so if you like that, you'd like this too.

Podpiwek and an aperitif of cranberries and 21 different herbs (apparently)
The sides

My spatchcock

Here is some buckwheat and pork fillet in tomato and garlic sauce.

Some pearled barley and pork neck in creamy mushroom sauce.
A whole lotta cock

Sun that dial

Yeah she has her boobs out
But also a lot of pigeon poops on her too.

Easy life for these people on top of a building.
Reading books and resting

And an old cobbled street past the Hotel Alummat.
That was a quick trip to Tykocin.

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