Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strolling through Powiśle

Powiśle translates roughly as 'by the Vistula', I think I have mentioned that before. Last year when there was plenty of sun a beautiful day we strolled about the area, down to one of our favourite bookstores and cafes Tarabuk (we visited it before see it here). We enjoyed the late Autumn sun and the freedom of being able to sit outside for one of the last times in the year.

On Ulica Sowia (Owl street) Old street lights
Cup it

At Tarabuk. A tweet

Fluffy tweet

Yum crumbs

Duncan... ooops Dunking

Strolling by

Where is my Macchiato?!

What a mug


Someone doesn't like their alfalfa

Calling in a complaint

The Park on Browana opposite Tarabuk: green and gold

On Ulica Oboźna: the wire cages behind are to catch falling plaster, bricks or even statues which ever jumps first.
As we strolled home we decided it would be nice to wander down Nowy Swiat and catch the last of the days sunshine.

The ubiquitous Polish Starbucks competitor that is for quality of coffee as well as market dominance

Colonel Sanders at a cafe

He is her sunshine. She his dark shadow

that is some square shoulders.

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