Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ulica Chłodna/Elektoralna

Ulica Chłodna/Elektoralna (yes it changes name halfway down the street) was renovated last year, the road surface and street design all changed along with many small things that one may not notice at first sight. It was the street that originally separated the ghettos big and small so has a fair amount of foot traffic in tourist form. So, we went to see what it looked like.
Old light holder
This is one of my new favourite photos, the markings you see are not parking bay designations, it is the outline of where the houses reached prior to their WWII destruction.
Continuing the grounding, this is how they defined where the house numbers of the houses pre-war were.
Church of Saint Andrzeja Apostoła

The Arcades along the road side corner of Ulica Chłodna/Elektoralna and Ulica Biała
After Church the Grannies come to sun
The building is called the "house of the clock" it has a clock in the facade and originally had an extra story before the war.
The sun was a shining and the street ripe for a stroll
To cut down on through traffic they added a small park

The plane the plane
A great "what is it" photo, but it is of course.......

A little viewing camera with pictures of the street pre-war and when the ghetto was established. I would love Warsaw to have more of these sorts of things.

Just turn the lever and you will see it all.

One of the prettiest things that you wouldn't really notice are these lovely high street lights, delicate and perfectly spaced.

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