Thursday, March 01, 2012


On one of the those sunny days we decided to pump up our tricycle tyres and hit the trails to one of our neighbouring suburbs. A suburb known for a few things:
  • It is one of the newer and quicker growing suburbs with plenty of activity in the construction world
  • It gets flooded often as it is built on a flood plain
  • It has a monstrosity of a church that could, nay, will rival (in some peoples eyes, not mine) the Palace of culture as the ugliest erection in town
  • Lastly it is the home of almost every middle manager ever to work in a corporation in Warsaw
So lets pump those legs and see what turnips.... get it.... a play on tubers, I mean words. OK, I'll stick to photography not jokes.

The horrid church, I just cannot show the enormity of size here. apparently you can donate money to the church and get a brick with your name on it, with one condition, only after you die does it get installed.....
Has anyone visited the box factory? Oh that was only in the Simpsons. But maybe these architects started there.
Modern cobbleless cobbles.
Oh wow, look more boxes!

No this isn't a brochure of how it will look. It actually is how it does look!
But to provide for the residents who now can't afford holidays because of the over priced boxes they have bought the beach comes to them. Of course it is sponsored so as to reduce costs and to make a Marketing Manager (possibly living in the community) appear to be doing his or her job.

And don't they just love it.

Plenty about, but no cricket bats and tennis balls.
Nothing like a sponsored beach to get you to want to ride your bike home. And so we did.


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Tom Otomcio said...

We've got these large estates of newness here too. I wonder how discoloured and grubby they'll look in a few years.


Gee Em said...

Tom I think they will end up horrible, something about glass and concrete is that it never ages well. Look at the 70's and 80's buildings that "pioneered" this style, they all need drastic refurbishment or removal. Stone and wood just age better, alas the later needs replacement at times too.

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