Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Autumnal colours.

Returning to the Autumnal months now briefly. I took some photos right when it was the time for leaves to drop. In fact this was the time of leaves to drop as for about 2 hours I raked up leaves around the property in Sokolka which was actually really fun. I do miss having a house with space, all I can do here is sweep up bird seed!

It is always a tough debate in our house if Spring with the wild flowers, Autumn with the changing colours, Winter with the snow and our wedding anniversary, or Summer with girls in short skirts is the best season. Always hard to tell who will win that one.

Transition time


Flame tree, not the Cold Chisel Song.
Ever ready and not a battery

An assortment

More mixed bag
Autumn shrooms
Fall apples, good for pies and hopefully next year cider!
Take a pic

I got me a lovely bunch of beetroots

Crikey they are heavy
I couldn't stop snapping photos of the colours

But I must.
So that is the colours from flame trees, maples, oaks and a couple I can't translate (e.g. can't be bothered tonight after doing a Polish exam). Also if we can have Autumnal colours in UK English what do the USA English people have? Fallal colours?

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