Monday, February 06, 2012

2011 Praga Multicultural Festival

In 2010 we also went to the Praga Multicultural Festival (here in 4 different posts). We really enjoyed it last time, so headed off again last year to see what was about and if it would be better, worse, or just the same. Once we took the metro, tram and a short stroll to get to Ząbkowska, we arrived to where last year the whole street was closed and it was a happy party time for all. This year due to roadworks in other parts of the city they couldn't close Ząbkowska as it is a relatively main road for the area and so it really had a different feel to it from the start. They used a similar system of a culture per courtyard, but it just didn't have that same carnival feel to it. I think also it was smaller in size/locations. Either way we enjoyed strolling about. There are plenty of photos so it will not make all in one post so enjoy them.

The Balkan section was making some great little coffee (Turkish style)

Cheers, Na zdrowie.
People often ask me why so many Polish girls have foreign partners, now let me see why..... nope, no idea.

There was a mix of crowd young to old. All loving the sun.
Especially if you have a big hat or big sunglasses

Of course it caused plenty of squints and much needed rehydration regularly
Not everyone was brimming with excitement

But who wouldn't want Smurf fairyfloss/cotton candy, the things in the background are bread snacks called and behind them balls of puffed wheat with honey.
Some people of course had great smiles.
beans bashing out a tune

drumming up some support

keeping the beat

to the beat of a different drum

ok no more beat or drum puns
If I had wings I would fly

I'm gonna strut

red brick and broken

Co to jest?

Ginger springs stands out

Someone is afraid of Indian carvings
 There is the first 21 photos and there will be more to follow.

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