Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's take a walk outside, down by the Royal Castle.

The end of summer is a great time in Warsaw, long balmy evenings and sweaty days strolling about the New town and Powisle districts. If you head to the "bottom of the garden" of the Royal Castle you find some old relics that have been dug up after the bombing/dynamiting of Warsaw as well as a lovely little garden, you can then stroll through to Mariensztat for a coffee and cake or a lounge around in the old Market square by the fountain and watch the grannies walk the dogs or their husbands which ever allows them.
One of the most filmed locations in Warsaw, that is because so many TV shows, movies etc use it. They are called Kamienne Schodki, the stony steps. They must be at least 500 years old the cities women would go down these to get the water from the Vistula for washing and cooking.

As you can see they still film here frequently.
It is quite well kept and nearly impossible to buy a property here.

Some of the wild grasses that pop up around the place

Recovered Relics

More relics, I think this is some kind of animal. Yes I do believe it is a fish

This appears more griffin like

I think he needs a pedicure

The labyrinth in the Castle gardens

And in colour for good measure.
You may remember how it looked in winter when I came to the Arkady Kubeckiego, if not click here on this link. To think for two years I went past this area on the tram or bus on the way to work in Praga and never once came to visit. Now I have been 3 times in 6 months! So many hidden treasures in Warsaw.

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