Friday, February 10, 2012

2011 Praga Multicultural Festival numer dwa

Now another swathe of photos, too much to go through so there shall be no stories.
Blue, blue, blue

cooking up

"You what? Pink and green are not to be seen? What do you mean?"

A talented photographer once told me he never took photos of people eating. I actually prefer it

Sun gurn

Blonde in the spotlight
Not happy?

Not a quality lock
Welcome to my German culture display.

I wasn't sure which way it looked better
I once read that Praga is super

Stick witch

Someone partied too hard
Watching the on goings.

Crowded out

Italian corner

"Security keep Max Walker out of here" sorry, one for the 12th man fans
Belly dancers walking
Not impressed

This woman has a square head!

tunnel of shadows
Backyard Praga

Blue sky red brick
Old school

On your bike

"Hi Mum? Yeah he took another photo!"
Bucket of bigos

And the joy of which it is served
time to hit the road.

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