Sunday, February 19, 2012

Italy meets you

We read in the paper last year that there was to be an Italian festival in town in the area of Powiśle called Mariensztat. It is the area of the old Market and was one of the first areas rebuilt after the war. We thought, what a great place to go to enjoy the sun and see what is happening there. I wonder what we will find in there.....

Nice back end.

And a pretty good frontage

I would love to buy and ogorek the old city buses now only seen on special trips and during night at the museums, and not one of these a classic right up there with Doda and the likes.
Pondering on the square

The bubbly and the bubbles
Bloody good coffee the Italians do, but they wouldn't let me buy the beans! Dagnammit!

Now can people tell me if this woman actually has the worlds biggest thumbs?

Is this a granary?

The reason we were there...
Headless bits

Loosely translated "a girl who was making a small film project about a monster coming out of the fountain, but she couldn't stop laughing so the film was never made"
The local bloke

Crooked Side Street
Cooking Demonstration every hour on the hour

One of the fun things about Warsaw in Spring/Summer/Autumn is the continual sightings of married couples getting their shots done.

I think the slogan of Italy Visits You stems from the Discover Your Italy. So in the end after a sparkling wine, the best coffee I had had in a while in Warsaw, a good laugh at the cardboard cut outs, watching a cooking display, seeing a wedding photoshoot and some great sunshine, we decided it isn't really for us to go to Italy when we have all this here. It just wouldn't be right, would it?

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