Friday, February 03, 2012

Nowy Swiat the New World Street

There is a street in what I call the heart of Warsaw, it is called Nowy Swiat, it translates as New World. Now you have to admit that is a pretty cool name for a street that holds lots of shops, cafes and bars. It was at one of these cafes that I sat outside, on one of those days in the times of sunshine and warmth. The people paraded about up and down the street laughing freely, smiling and often being a little jealous of others who had landed prime tables by the roadside. Nowy Swiat is the Southern less academic and less political little brother of big formal Krakowie Przedmiescie, the street which contains little to no shops or cafes but many buildings of note, including the Warsaw University.

Let's see the sun and the people then.

A plaque showing you the connection from Krakowskie Przedmiescie through palaces to the Saski park.

Henry was his name-o

Way too cool for school.
I do love photos of waiting staff, they are like butterflies floating from tip to tip.
The masses
Unhappy about not getting a table maybe.
The real reason to sit in a roadside cafe, one of the best beers in Poland.
Ahhhhhhh sunny days.

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