Monday, February 20, 2012


NUTS! You're just plain nuts! Many people said that to me when I moved to Poland, in fact many people still say that to me. Specifically my father when I tell him of the temperatures in winter. That said there are many reasons to think that I am nuts, and probably one of them is this blog. It doesn't get a big readership nor invoke much excitement from the online community. Yet, I just keep on writing it. Winter will soon be over and I will be outside playing on my bike in the sun and taking more photos full of the warmth of spring in figurative and probably literal sense as well. In the meantime, you will be getting all the photos I took last year and never got to show here. Enjoy, or not, it is purely your choice.

These are the nuts called Horse Chestnuts, or if you want to get all latin on us they are Aesculus a very very common form of city tree in Poland, especially in Warsaw. They produce beautiful white flowers in Spring and long beautiful palmately leaves as well. However, these are totally inedible unless apparently leached, who knew?! Thanks Wikipedia. Either way, the season's indicators of buds, leaves, flowers, seeds all make for fun times in Warsaw's parks.

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