Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It is Valentines Day.... apparently

The day of romance and freedom to spend on things that at other times of the year would make you sick or at least feel queasy in the belly. So instead I thought I would put up some of the things that I love about Warsaw. Some are things you would have seen on here before, others, maybe not.

I love about my Warsaw:

Palace of Culture, to me it is actually beautiful and a great focus of the city.

Old Town, a great place to see tourists get excited and also nice to think of how something was in the old days.

Markets, my local open air market, fresh, local and mostly organic fruit and vegetables.
Women, always in inappropriate clothes and shoes in all sorts of weather.

The Metro, it gets me everywhere yet only has one line!

The Stadium, it isn't up and running just yet, but it makes a grand statement in the Saska Kępa district.

Of course there are many more but these were just a quick few that popped into my head.


www.migrationtothenorth.wordpress.com said...

Hey Gee Em,

I was excited to see that the hideous Christmas tree on Plac Zamkowy made it onto your list! I also love it, and the Pałac Kultury too. Re: the inappropriate clothes, I have a French friend who says she always gets the impression that Polish women have forgotten to put something on (like a pair of pants, as in your photo).



Gee Em said...

Yeah Rose I do tend to love the kitsch side of it. :) Polish women are amazing at the things they will do for fashion. I am so impressed with them wearing heels in snow/ice/slush. Just incredible! But, they do often look very cold, they are probably so skinny because everything they eat goes to keeping warm!

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