Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. Day two.

Day two in the lovely city of A Coruña. First things first, you need to eat!

We went out and said "This is just for coffee" Then we came home with an empanada, two types of bread and a variety of fruit and veg.

A wedding was about to kick off at the town hall.

I love door handles and knobs, this one is no exception. It just glows.

Classic granny action.

These are residents of a city centre based retirement home, they were fantastic. Full of good humour, energy and complaints too.

The big H of the harbour.

Why not a pool next to the sea?

Some amazing 70s glass door work.

We ducked home for lunch to eat the empanada. We were grilled by the granny selling them to ensure we knew what was in it. This is a zamburiña, a type of scallop. And honestly one of the greatest things I have ever eaten.

The variety of dried fruit you can find is impressive.

Again, a bakery I couldn't not stop at!

Beach slugs.

I really like this photo not because of a girl in a bikini, but the sand around her feet where the water is pushed away.

The shorefront of the city.

We continue to collect very small samples of sand from beaches which mean something to us. The one below the world's oldest lighthouse was a given.

Prawn and lighthouse.

The day was awash with enjoyment.

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