Sunday, November 26, 2017

Costa da Morte plus Laxe, Galicia, Spain

Lovely Laxe on the Costa de Morte, was the midpoint of our drive from A Coruña. Here is a place I think probably gets a fair share of rain. As it was super green and had that feeling about it. It is on some really gorgeous coastline that reminds me a bit of Ireland or Scotland but with lovely beaches interspersing the cliffs. This is a place that is a long way from an airport despite being in the very north-west of the country.

The coastal town of Malpica.

Ermita De Santo Adrian, a lonely chapel.

Costa da Morte, say no more.

What looks like a great coastal running path, alas, we didn't have the time.

Another lighthouse to the collection this time Faro De las Islas Sisargas.

One of the very common granaries that you see all through Galicia.
Now the beach of Laxe.

Another great point of collection.

It always looks a little ominous on the Coast of Death.
I wonder who was here earlier....

The views at Mirador O ÉZARO.

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