Thursday, November 30, 2017

Magical Muros, Galicia, Spain.

Stopping off along the coast we visited the coolest looking lighthouse, in fact I would love to buy it and make it into a B&B. All I need is someone in the Spanish government to read this and get in contact! Please.

Faro De Lariño is next to a beautiful surfing beach and an old football field, at the end of a quiet street. Since the early 2000s lighthouses in Spain have been unmanned, there have even been a couple that have been "leased" to people to start some kind of business. There are of course limitations, and it doesn't appear it would make you a fortune, but I couldn't imagine much cooler than living in a lighthouse on the coast of death in Galicia. Architecturally I like the simplicity and balance, business wise I like the flexibilities and possibilities here.

Maybe we could even have a star wars themed football team?
Stopping in Muros the market had just closed, but it looks cool.
So, with no market to see, we popped into a restaurant to get our cups of wine.
And some baby clams in butter and white wine.
Some baby squid.
All the other things I could eat, maybe?
I love this juxtaposition of crazy 70s tiles, moss and ferns.
The calm Muros harbour.

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