Thursday, November 02, 2017

Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain.

The town of Ribadesella was our first stop on tour. We actually stayed away from the town in a really lovely little hotel that overlooked farmland, not far from the famous Cuevas de Tito Bustillo. Waking up in the morning to the clanking of cowbells made me feel like I was in Switzerland again. But this was a touch warmer, sunnier and more coastal by some margin. The town itself is quaint and has a market most days full of food and the usual sad looking Chinese clothes, shoes, handbags etc. But, it has a plethora of restaurants, cafes and bars to make you feel welcome, and some beautiful scenery as well.

View out of our window.
We arrived just around lunch time, luckily the market was still open.

Some great looking sheep cheese and sausages.

We settled on what was soon to be a series of empanadas. This one was a bonito tuna one, and superb.

I was feeling a little parched and so we stopped off for a regional speciality at El Caldero de la Brujita (the witches cauldron). Cider. The cider here is unlike the standard Western commercial cider in that it is not gassed. You add bubbles by pouring it from a height and in small quantities. Here the capable barman does it with ease. Marta looks unimpressed.
Behind me a local shows her skills, while I show it is easy too.
Such accuracy!
Well...... nearly right.....

It was a very local drop, from about 10 km away. Beautifully dry and something to savour.
We ate it with fried potatoes covered in Cabrales cheese. It is a strong blue but went down a treat.
After a filling meal it is nice to walk out to the Punta Del Caballo to get rid of some of the calories.
There is a great beach just near the city centre.
You can even go for a surf. We went for a swim later in the day and did some body surfing, it was great fun.
The stomach started rumbling again in the evening and I found a new love. Cocada, a coconut based sweet. Amazing!
The restaurants in the town are packed with locals and holidaying Spaniards as well.
We had a coffee and some drinks and strolled along the marina

A lovely place to stop off, on the adventure of cider, beaches, forests and mountains that is Asturias.


Joy said...

Sounds like a great trip, Garth! Love the foodie photos, of course. Although I have to say that we did not like the local cider when we tried in San Sebastian. Kinda sour to me. ;)

Gee Em said...

Oh Joy, it is sour indeed. That is why we love it. I am not a fan of sweet ciders, but with the aeration that is put in it pouring it from the height it does take some of the sourness out. There will be plenty of foodie photos to come too ;) My local connection gave me great ideas for places to eat and food to eat too! :D