Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 The Best Colour Photos of the Year

So every year I like to put up what I think are my best colour (and black and white in another post) photos, have people vote for their favourites and then we compile a top ten of the most liked photos.

It is pretty simple just flick through the photos below and add a comment to give your vote for which is your favourite or favourites (as you can, of course, like more than one) and then I tally them up and the winners announced in a glittering red carpet ceremony.  Or due to the fact I own no carpet, I will probably just put them on here.

Last year I had selected randomly a voter for a special prize, so I shall do it again this year. So, have a look, let me know and maybe you could win too. So here they are and in no particular order.......

A - Night Wisla

B - Over compensation

C - Getting Jiggy

D - Damsel not in distress

E - I'm King of the World

F - I'm on the first flight out.

G - Weather beaten

H - I can also eat food

I - The dark cometh
J - Spring has Sprung

K - Lighting issues

L - From forest with love

M - Reflections of the night

N - Church in a glass
O - Space
P - Illusion in 3D
Q - Little Nick of Torun

R - Lady Shrek
2011 The best photos
2011 The best photos


Maciek said...

Hi Garth,
I like many photos - great eye for colour! - but I'll try to keep it to just one... So I pick E. Good luck - and take many more next year!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Maciek! I am sure I will take many more next year, unless my wife steals my camera :D

Dorota said...


I agree with Maciek - E is great! (I was trying to guess where was it taken, but gave up and asked Marta :)

I like also a lot O and R.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Dorota :) I am guessing she told you it was on a ferry to Kangaroo Island. I am hoping she did! :)

Dorota said...

she did :)

zupa said...

I go for E & 7. What is the origin of 7?

Gee Em said...

7 is a picture viewer on Chloda St in the old ghetto :D You should check it out. Thanks for voting. Which ones did Gosia like?

Mike Richardson said...

Great images - well done! All good, but I particularly like photos C & E. Photo C has a nice touch with the red finger nails. E is very expressive - a good capture.

Nice blog. As a fellow foreigner in Warsaw and keen photographer, I shall check it more often.

Happy New Year!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Mike, glad you liked them. Feel free to drop by whenever. Happy New Year to you :D

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