Saturday, December 24, 2011

It is Chrimbo time!

This year has a feeling of less festivities as the holidays are actually the weekend! So, it just feels like a weekend where you again eat too much and spent too much. For many, I am guessing, that is just normal. The biggest difference this weekend will be spending time with the extended family and our now traditional architecture project. House building by the company of Gingerbread & Sons Pty. Ltd.
Some accurate plans have been drawn up
Wine assisted templates made
Then baked and trimmed for slight accuracy

Supplies are being both counted and consumed
We decided to use some imported products this year

Including my all time favourite Violet Crumble (aka honeycomb in chocolate)

Dark chocolate is melted for mortar

And applied with extreme accuracy
A quick blast outside in the sub zero temperatures and the chocolate sets and you get a domek shell
Then it is time to glorify it!

Australian Freckle roof!

Violet Crumble windows, ginger gummi bear flourishes
Gingersnowmen guarding the door and the raspberries

Some coconut snow

Home is where the heart is.
And the dom is done
So once again Christmas snuck up on us quickly this year. A trip to Oz, the first wedding anniversary and all these things have meant a fabulous year. Thanks to all the "followers" of this page and the regular readers. I look forward to next year with more photos, a new look blog and hopefully lots of comments from you all. Stay safe, keep smiling.

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