Sunday, December 04, 2011

Port and the Barossa

What is there to do at Port Adelaide other than shop at a dodgy second hand market (which I like doing by the way). Well you can always head to the lighthouse. No, I don't mean the actual nautical steel investment, although of course you could do that. I mean The Lighthouse Hotel. Forgive the rather sad website, as it is a great little place to have a bite to eat, well priced and good food. However the best thing is the beer. They brew their own and there are at least 6 on tap. I had a sampler when there which included:
Front to back: Honey Wheat beer, House Cider, Lighthouse Gingerbeer, Tusker Draft Rootbeer and the Archie dark ale
It was a nice thing to do in the middle of a beautiful sun shining day. So after that we went to the Brickworks markets, a place that when I was a child I enjoyed. Now, however, it is a slowly dying indictment of what has happened to many things that we more community oriented before people flocked to Shopping centres to buy things they really don't need and eat food they really shouldn't. It really is a shame, I hope someone takes control of it and really makes it into something great.

Instead of hanging around, we jumped back into the car to head to Brighton's Jetty Road strip where we grabbed a coffee and cake before a stroll on the jetty.
Some of us had too much fun eating.

And then put our feet up.

While I sipped my coffee

and ate my choc-mint hedgehog

Kerrin had an orange sponge cakey thing
On the jetty we could measure fish..... had anyone caught any of course.

Marty was just squinting instead

Some shared chips by the sea

The shark chopper was on patrol

As were seagulls looking for chips
Little Mali was more busy trying to look cute
Or at least sing a song.

The next day we jumped in with the sister and partner to hit the Barossa Valley. One of the fun places around Adelaide to taste wine.

Here we were surrounded by classic Australia

Even tin sheds to make it more classic, just needs a kelpie

Of course, pubs are classically Australian too.

There are many things to reflect on..... even tiles

I find it Australian that the museum looks like a pub
The Barossa is a great little day trip or even for the bigger drinker, a longer stay. It has around 170 wine companies and over 75 cellar doors that are open mostly 7 days a week. We only visited a few in probably one of the "most famous" brands Penfolds (where I recommend most things red that you can't sample with the exception of the Cellar Reserve Sangiovese), Rockfords (I recommend the Alicante Bouchet or Basket Press), Kellermeister (I recommend the Boots Cider and the 2008 Wicked Witch), and Kies (where I recommend the water and conversation with the lovely lady in the cellar door).
Somewhere I try to get to when in the Barossa is Rockford's Winery
To sample what they have lying about
And if the boss is happy, I can buy some :)

After lunch we moved onto the more serious side of things, Penfolds
Except not everyone seems to think I am serious.....
Robert Louis Stevenson once said "Wine is bottled poetry", which I could agree with as long as people think that poetry shouldn't be left to people in black skivvies sitting in a smoke filled room or drug induced haze telling others that they just "don't get it". Then again many wine snobs are a little like that.

Where as I prefer the words of Aristophanes which probably are most apt at the end of my blog post, where as he said

“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.” 

Alas, I have not wet my mind before this. Sorry reader.


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Looks fantastic. We're moving back... I can't wait!

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