Monday, December 05, 2011

The deep South

Many people call the area about an hour south of Adelaide, the retirement belt of South Australia. It is full of retirement homes, hospitals, and once affordable housing. It is also home of the best surf close to the city, wineries, the mouth of the biggest river in Australia and the best bakery in Australia (not that I have tried all of them of course). So lets hit the A13 southwards.

First stop was Goolwa, an end point of  2,375 kilometres (1,476 mi) of meandering and wandering of Australia's largest waterway River Murray. Where it would flow to the ocean when there is enough water, along with Lake Alexandrina and The Coorong.

"Secret Women's Business" was related to an indigenous claim originally stopping this bridge connecting mainland to Hindmarsh Is.

Oscar W, you have tormented me and my sister for years.

Towards the mouth from the pier scene of many a wool and wheat bale.

River Red Gums never went too far from the river after all.

I read about the Steam Exchange in the Advertiser, the only useful think I found in that paper in 4 weeks! I had the Truffles Porter left and the boss had the IPA. Both pleasant but nothing to spin around on the floor going woop woop woop woop about.

The inside the drinking barn of Steam Exchange

Pale and Ale
The brewery outside
Follow the path down from Commodore reserve on the edge of Horseshoe Bay to the beach.
And enjoy your spoils from the greatest bakery in the world the Port Elliot Bakery. Here is a Steak and Bacon pie and a Sausage roll with a blueberry scroll
The kids just seem so darned excited.

Marty has her hands wrapped around a Tuna Mornay pie.

This could be the neck of someone who eats too many pies, or just a rock formation.

Lichen and sky.

Next stop Antarctica

Horseshoe Bay

Marty and the pines

Marty rocking it
What crabs must see.

Sister and Cow at the Alexandrina Cheese Company
Great place for a milkshake

And of course some cheese, if you get the chance try the fresh cheddar curds.

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