Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 the Best photos winners

A huge thank you to the 102 people that voted on the photos it is really greatly appreciated and the response was truly overwhelming. I will put the top 5 of each category below. It is funny that this year my favourite black and white won, where as last year it was my favourite colour photo. Oh well, you can't always be right.

First Place

Second Place

Equal 3rd place

Equal 3rd place

Fifth Place

As for the Colour gang, this is how they ended up

First Place

Second Place

Third Place
Fourth Place
Fifth Place

So, there you have it. Another year is voted for and already fading into the distant past. When it comes to the best of photos anyway. I thought for new readers then they may like a little recap here are the top photos from the previous years with links to the whole catelouge of that years photos.

Black and White (The whole list can be seen here)
Nuclear Leaves

Colour (The whole list can be seen here)
Night Lavender

Black and White (the whole list can be seen here)
Bottle Art

Colour (the whole list can be seen here).
Wonky Windows
 Thanks again for those who voted!

So the winners of the randomly selected prizes were obtained by giving everyone a number in the order in which they voted on the photos (thank god for time stamps) So the winners are Electron Cloud (82) and E.S (Ewcia) (42) the numbers were made by the first two hits on the random number generator website

Now proud winners send me an email, with your addresses and I can send you your winnings sometime early in the new year. Congratulations!

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