Sunday, November 04, 2012

A little bit more of Krakow

Sick of Krakow yet? No, I hope not. Ok, only two more posts to go with Krakow, although it is a beautiful little village.

Door fixture

What is below that glass? We will find out in the next post. Behind is the Sukiennice (cloth hall).

Inside said hall.

The sky about the city

I've always had a thing for man-hole covers, or in modern times are they people-hole covers?

Town hall tower


shadowy light

More tower action

time for lunch

Now to Wawel

Wawel courtyard

The courtyard in miniature for

door to the dragon


mum bring your own camera next time

The omnipotent precle lady, you will find them on most corners.

I can't match this lady!
Only one more post to go.... from Krakow that is.


Agnieszka Stasiewska said...

I love Krakow and you really capture its atmosphere. Great photos!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Agnieszka. Yeah, it is really a great place, especially if you like to take photographs! :D

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