Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The last of Krakow

The end of Krakow? Well for us anyway. A finale of a brief trip to Krakow.

It is the end of Krakow my Dragon friend.
A super cheap breakfast $AUD3

Jewish shop fronts in Kazimierz
Broken tombstones at the Jewish cemetery in Kazimierz

I am not really an ice cream person, but seriously this place is fabulous. I think the line up shows you how good it is. This was on a Sunday at about 11AM and there was at least 20 people in the line.

I started with Raspberry it tasted more or raspberry than of ice cream! That to me is perfect.
Then I got down to the rich black currant. Delicious.


So after some strolling about Krakow we decided to visit the new Rynek Underground Museum. The museum is made up of finds from an archaeological dig underneath the central market square (Rynek). The museum itself is now also underground, in the area where they actually excavated.

Some of the finds
From the museum you can see St Mary's Basilica
This is the same glass and fountains you can see from underground.
So around the Rynek at night
So time for a coffee or hot chocolate and a relax, Krakow was immense as usual.

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