Friday, November 16, 2012

Finally Warsaw

So, after time in Wroclaw, Krakow, and the east we can wrap up the holiday somewhat at home, Warsaw. We love Warsaw, and so do our family. It isn't a traditional European city with large amounts of gothic or renaissance architecture. It relies more on being rather than appearing. My father marvels at how many beautiful women there are here, and that they all appear to smoke. My sister and her boyfriend love the food and she the fashion, especially the jewellery at Zielony Kot on Chmielna.

We had booked the family an apartment in Zoliborz in the suburbs just north of the city centre. We were then able to take them to Kawiarnia Fawory

Breakfast, was more brunch. So we had some sandwiches (kanapki). They had really good coffee there as well as some fantastic bread which was why we ordered the sandwiches. A good start to the day.

We stopped to look at the Umschlagplatz memorial, dedicated to the jews taken to the Treblinka gas chambers

And strolled into the new town to grab some pierogi in the sunshine. Here you can see some rentable city bikes

Rveryone was getting on their bikes.
Te Amo kebab. Actually no, but I like the shadows.

Sawa, the mermaid (syrena) symbol of the city

Polish birds. :D

Someone looks a little nervous.

The shadow suggests a really odd creature.

Now that is an ominous looking door handle.

Sir there appears to be a human cuckoo in your chest.
butterflies. sweet

Another wedding party popping up.

that is some big blue pants

Everyone loves ice cream

and we keep on walking.

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