Saturday, November 10, 2012

The family visits the family.

Autumn, it is a time of many natural things in Poland. Changing leaves, berries, apples, pears and mushrooms to mention a few. Also, of course, it is time of rain. Which, in turn, helps the mushrooms.
Rainy nights

Rain is never too far away
But with rain comes mushrooms. So, when the family were here we decided rather than just eat mushrooms we would like to take them to pick some mushrooms in the area around Sokolka. The area is rich in beautiful forests, but everyone there loves their wild produce. So, you need to either get up early in the morning to beat them or you need to drive a little further away from town to find a good patch. As it was late in the season and also a season that had been quite dry, we didn't expect to find too many. But, you should always be ready to hunt mushrooms, foraging is a way of life in the East and it is a great way of life, of course, if you know what you are doing.
Of course not every fungus growth is edible this is probably a birch polypore.

Some are just down right dangerous like this fly agaric

Or this wooly milk cap
Sometimes it can be cold in the forest some homemade malinowka (raspberry liquour) is great to warm up. You drink it down



Suede Bolete, Boring Brown Bolete or Yellow-cracked Bolete an edible mushroom
Another fly agaraic, they do look pretty though, and I wonder where the smurfs are.

I think this is called a lilac bonnet

spidey world

These sulfur caps will have you pooping and convulsing at the same time should you be silly enough to eat them

but they are really cute.

So we came home with a decent hall for rank amatuers and one hardened professional. You can see some different boletus mushrooms like porcini, and bovine among others. Also, the large white one is a parasol mushroom which is great eating,
This is the parasol mushroom cut into large slices and covered in egg, salt and pepper.
It is fried on one side and flipped and fried on the other, in the end it tastes very similar to a schnitzel. very tasty.

preparing the boletus family for drying

a mottled boletus mushroom

peel off the outer skin before cutting it.

and slice away.

then lunch is ready.
afterwards it is time for dessert outside in the sun.

and a little silliness with maple seeds

everyone loves a laugh, even big uncle Tomek our mushroom guru
someone else just wants to be loved.

how to disguise yourself when picking mushrooms.

on your bike

it is all happy families after some mushrooms, food and exercise.

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