Thursday, November 22, 2012

Before the autumnal swing

My favourite time in Warsaw, and Poland, is Autumn. The colours and wild variety you get in different areas. Some places in the city will still have wildflowers popping their little heads up while in some places the trees could be bare of leaves after early temperature drops. The best time is early on when the lower canopies have dropped their leaves and you have a vista that includes the tree trunks and the yellow, red, brown leaves as a carpet.

John, Paul, Ringo or George?

Such interesting colours.

From little things big things grow. Like from Acorns you can get Spanish ham, Jamon Iberico, Que Rico!

I'm just nuts about nature (and word play).

Off the beaten trail.

A slightly more beaten trail.
Leaf you to it.

Forest dwelling creature

Praise to the sun.

On your bike love.

This is what I was talking about.

Sun on the pond.

A patch of warming sun.
These photos are from one of the numerous forests around Warsaw, Kabaty Forest. It is a great place to run, ride your bike, and for me, to see snakes, deer, and the wild elusive grandparents of Warsaw.

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