Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best Colour Photos of 2012

Every year I like to put up what I think are my best colour (and black and white in another post) photographs. People then vote for their favourites and then we compile a top ten of the most liked photos.

The task is pretty simple, just flick through the photos below and add a comment at the bottom to give your vote for which is your favourite or favourites (as you can, of course, like more than one) and then I tally them up and the winners announced in a glittering red carpet ceremony.  Or due to the fact I own no carpet, I will probably just put them on here, and am thinking I might make a calendar of the best photographs.

For the last 3 years I had selected randomly a voter for a special prize, so I shall do it again this year. So, have a look, let me know and maybe you could win too. So here they are and in no particular order.......
A) National Stadium, Warsaw.

B) Long and Thin Berlin.

C) The inspiration for Boy George I am sure. Berlin Zoo, Germany.

D) TV is on the up. Berlin, Germany.

E) Piggy back Lady bird.

F) Night lights. Warsaw, Polamd.

G) Blurred night vision. Warsaw, Poland.

H) Berry good tart.

I) Bursting beauty, Krakow, Poland.
J) Stoned love. Krakow, Poland.

K) Old world ways. Krakow, Poland.
L) Reflections on a square. Krakow, Poland.
M) Late light. Lossiemouth, Scotland.

Product placement. Ursynow, Warsaw.
O) Hollandesc. Lossiemouth, Scotland.

P) To Burghead. Lossiemouth, Scotland.
Q) Kids in the water. Bialystok, Poland.

R) Golden steps. Wroclaw, Poland.

S) Soft 'n' Smooth. Wroclaw, Poland.

T) Colourful flappers.

U) Up, Up, Up.

V) Autumnal bits. Pole Mokotowskie, Warsaw, Poland.

W) Nature hard and soft.
X) The beetle. Kabaty, Poland.

Y) Acorn to you, is a nut to me. Kabaty, Poland.

Z) Reflections on Autumn. Zoliborz, Warsaw, Poland.
2012 The Best Colour Photos
2012 The Best Colour Photos
 2012 The Best Colour Photos


Marg Webster said...

I vote for C, love the colours on the lizard

Shaun Cooper said...

voting for w.

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