Friday, November 23, 2012

Walking about the hood

With Autumn slowly getting cooler and the days getting a great deal shorter, I headed out into the hood to see what inspiration there could be in my local world. I think people don't get out of their houses enough at this time of year. Sure, sometimes you need to really rug up in warm clothes. But, it is really rewarding.

Look at this great juxtaposition of colour and concrete!

Town Hall.

I think it was Bob Dylan who sung "The leaves, they are a changin" right?

I love the long shadows of this time of year.

Nature's glowsticks.

This is my new art I call it shadows of nature on concrete buildings
And here you have my monochromatic version.

I can't wait for the days, like in many other countries, where some of the churches are sold by their religious enterprises and their odd often ugly architecture is turned into something of beauty, like the sun can do now for free.

See what I mean?
Bam and you forget the postbox.

That tree looks on fire (it isn't crisp because I was trying to get the wind to blur the colour with movement, I swear).
Tour your hood today! While you can, and enjoy the colours or at least just the chance not to be knee deep in snow and slush.

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