Monday, November 12, 2012


After packing everyone up in Sokolka we headed to Bialystok (translates as white slope) for a quick lunch, a stroll and then to get back on the bus to Warsaw.

the main thoroughfare.

We stopped off for some lunch. Here is Zurek in a bread bowl.
A Lithuanian lager
Ciebureki - the tatar pasty
Duck in berries
a little Golonka
Some fried trout
One of the locals with another local.
Now back to Warsaw on Polski bus. Probably the cheapest and best way to get between most major cities in Poland and beyond to Berlin, Prague and some others..


Malta Photo Blog said...

mhm I'm hungry now. Cool shoots :)

Gee Em said...

Thanks MR I am sure these delicacies are hard to get in Malta ;)

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