Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Warsaw and Łazienki Gardens

From the main thoroughfare of Warsaw, Nowy Swiat, you can take a bus directly to the Royal Baths Park (Łazienki Królewskie in Polish). It is a really popular location with Warsavians and tourists alike, especially on weekends. You will regularly see people strolling with their grandparents, babies or simply love interests in the well kept gardens. It is also very popular with wedding photographers. Also, in summer they have many Chopin concerts free and open air.

So let's stride south from the cafe district to the park

What is that brown spot there?
"Hey!" this deer appears to be saying.
Next thing woody woodpecker pops up.

It looks like an OK symbol but he is actually holding a rock.
be cool, I am a squirrel
Well hello there.

Man that guy in the background is ruining the photo. Is probably what the other guys is saying.


Anonymous said...

I miss Warsaw, your blog make me reminiscent of the place....and good photographs you post here too :)


Gee Em said...

Thanks Z, I hope I can bring you more Warsaw related happiness here! :D

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