Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Food from KI

One of the greatest things about Kangaroo Island, if you put aside the beautiful beaches, the amazing wildlife, the fantastic isolation and the "how's the serenity" (from a classic old school Australian comedy movie) feeling, it is the food. The place is crawling with fantastic things to eat. There are many artisans and if the population was bigger it would be amazing to see what else they came out with.
So here are a few of the things we visited and/or tasted.
You can eat them.... but I didn't this time.

In Kangaroo Island they have the only remaining population of Ligurian bees, originally from Italy, but due to disease and pollution in Europe there are now none left.

Aren't they darn cute?
And if you go to Cliffords Honey Farm, you can see them, and better yet taste their magic in the form of honey icecream

There is something that is now farmed in Kangaroo Island too, it is the Marron. Which is a large growing fresh water crayfish, similar to the yabby (yabbie) or the Polish rak.

You can buy the marron, fresh and in all different sizes.

So can see them feeding in the holding tanks.
Then you can see them on your plate.

This was the biggest platter you could get there. The Marron Platter - prawns, scallops, and of course Marron hot and cold.

They are just so delicate and delicious
They are clawfully good. Sorry, that is a bad pun.

Oh dear, probably my most favourite of foods, scallops!

Feeling a little bit devilish eating something so great.

Then feeling sad it is all gone.
Of course we need to finish with cake.

Next stop Kangaroo Island Spirits, a small distiller on the island

Even flavouring vodka with samphire, giving you a feeling of the seaside.

The copper kettle which makes all the wonderful spirits.

The cellar door and home of the magic, seriously you should try the gin and the zenzerino, both are fabulous. One of which made it home as a Christmas present for my father in law.

 On KI there is a beach that was voted the best in Australia, due to its pristine appearance, safe swimming, crystal clear water, and also the chance to surf. We came for another reason too....
What is in the box?

It is the locally famous whiting burger. The King George Whiting is thought of by many as the best eating fish in the world. It is priced around $AUD40 (140PLN) per kilogram, but still is worth it.

The boss seems to agree.
There is more food from the isle to come too. Hope you aren't feeling too hungry.

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