Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our last day on the Isle

The last day was a big one for us, and so there is plenty of photos from it, rather than drag out the KI experience any longer, I thought I would put out a big last post. I hope you can bear with me! It is big!

The American river Swans and Sails

Marty River

Light Pelicans

Traditional Mr Pelican
A great picnic area at American river
Awaiting a present

This gives you a clue to the present
The fantasticness that is fresh oysters taken from the sea only minutes before and then thoroughly doused in Worcestershire sauce and bacon.

They are of course called Oysters Kilpatrick, and they are fantastic.

Just a slurp away from happiness
And we are done!

to give you an idea of prices,exchange rates are AUD to 1.02USD, 3.59PLN, 0.66GBP for your reference.

A board of delightfulness!

I loved this little map of whale/dolphin sighte seeing
The magical Oyster Farm Shop in American river.
Cape Willoughby, we nearly stayed here but it was booked out

Just a beautiful place

This day was actually about mid 30's too
So made it a little toasty.
Remember, Snakes live here.

1852 made it the first lighthouse built in South Australia.
Something in your eye Marty
Not the Whether station.

South Wright Whale bones at the base of the lighthouse
The beautiful bay next to the lighthouse.
The Chapman River Wine's savoury platter.

The inside of Chapman River Winery Cellar door.

More interior
Our left over glasses from where we sat and had lunch.

The gallery

Snails on the way out.
The Chapman River reserve

The actual Chapman River.

BBQ spot
Probably one of the most beautiful views of a cellar door. Dudley Winery.

Looking across Little Cuttlefish Bay to the Mainland.
Next stop was the Bay of Shoals Winery

We are there.
The owner was addicted to Pelicans.

A little light shopping for the cellar
Then we roll onto the old ferry at Penneshaw to head home.
Fare thee well KI, fare thee well.
There you are. Told you it was long. Everything you see above and before on KI I totally wholeheartedly recommend!

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